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1.2 Gallon Small Trash bags Biodegradable, Mini Recycling & Degradable Garbage Bags Fit 5 Liter Can Liners for Kitchen Bathroom Office Car (150 Counts,Green)


  • 【Biodegradable Trash Bags 】: Corn starch through fermentation & plasticization become PSM starch material, non-toxic and safe. This new plastic can be naturally decomposed in the natural without causing damage to the environment.
  • 【WHY CHOOSE US? 】:COMPARABLE TO Plastic Bags, the Biodegradable bags are the best choice for a cleaner environment and ECO-FRIENDLY future. Replacing plastic with our Biodegradable trash bags. Embrace the green life, make the earth better together
  • 【1.2 Gallon Small Trash bags】: 150 counts of 6 rolls. 17.3 inch *15.7 inch, cover 1.2 gallon small trash cans.
  • 【Tear & Leak Resistant】: Our trash bags can load 5-10 liter, 8 angle sealing on the botton help to avoid from leaks, excellent tensile strength help to avoid from tears or rips. We ensure that you can carry without worry dirty water leak or trash fall off
  • 【Muti-purpose Waste Bags】:This 1.2 Gallon Garbage Bags liner is reasonably and can be used for SMALL to LIGHT DUTY office, kitchen, restroom, bathroom, hotel and paper shredder trash. but also for outdoor applications cat litter, dog dung, car waste, etc.

Why Choose Biodegradable Trash Bags ?

Trash bags make our life easier and are wildly applied in homes, restaurants, offices, streets or outdoors. According to the statistics, people use about 100 billion tons of garbage bags every year worldwide,causing horrible white pollution,which cannot be automatically decomposed,and do great harm to crops, soil, water, animals and humans beings.

Biodegradable garbage bags are made of PSM(100% corn starch extract), they not only meet our daily need but also can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in the soil under natural conditions to complete the organic cycle,totally harmless to human body and environment.

✔Good Touchness and Leak-Proof
Bottom double sealed design give extra strong to hold heavier garbage. No More Tear and Leak.
✔Breakpoint Design, Not Easy to Break Off
A breakpoint process is used between the garbage bags, and it can be taken by simply tearing it off without worrying about breaking anyone.
✔Biodegradable Trash Bags-Made from Corn Starch Based, Non-toxic,No Smell
Compostable Bags are made from the starches of plants, and contains NO polyethylene. They can be naturally decomposed in the natural environment.
✔Providing Your Home or Office a Quality Life
1.2 gallon recycling trash bags are suitable for bins in office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, car and so on.

150 counts Biodegradable Trash Bag


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